You're a Listener and you don't get it... 

You don't really think any of us use that stuff do you?  The supplement companies make millions on these "products" and pay big bucks for those of us on the air to talk about what a wonderful product it is.  Truth is, we don't use it, we just want the money that comes from saying we use it.  It's just another commercial to us and another paycheck in the bank. It's all a scam folks... companies selling products that don't work and radio stations and DJs taking the money to promote it.. a marriage made in heaven at the expense of you losers who buy the stuff.

Real World Update:

The news item below came out in December 2002... 

The Federal Trade Commission claims Mark Nutritionals deceived consumers
with claims in its radio ads that its product would help customers lose 20
to 40 pounds on its "lose weight while you sleep" plan. The move came at the
same time the Attorneys General of Texas and Illinois sued Mark over similar
complaints about its marketing efforts and follows a 12-state investigation
of the Body Solutions manufacturer. The FTC refers to the testimonial of one
Minneapolis disc jockey as an example of what it considers objectionable and
seeks both an injunction prohibiting Mark from advertising Body Solutions as
well as restitution for consumers. Mark filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy
protection in September and has accumulated more than $30 million in debts.
Of Mark's 500 creditors Clear Channel is owed $10 million, Westwood One is
owed $4.9 million and Viacom is owed about $9 million.

KRUD Listener Tip:   Remember that commercials are designed to do one thing only, promote a product in such a way that you, the listener, will part with your money to get the product.  Never trust a commercial for ANY product.. talk to people who have actually spent money on the product.... or be an idiot and believe everything you hear on the radio.