You're a Listener and you don't get it... 

Being on the air is a wonderful thing.  It's not work.  It Doesn't take a college degree or even much of an IQ.  People, many of them, think you are special.  You get free stuff, discounts, babes, etc...  Unfortunately (and thankfully for the listeners) all of this DOES eventually come to an end.  

The PD that fires you will be half your age or less.  He will not care about your numbers from 10 years ago. You will be replaced by a kid half your age working for half your salary who's "Just happy to be on the air!".  You will then find yourself in the job market at an age that will prohibit you from finding another good radio gig.... you will be to old and have no other marketable skills..... all because you didn't grow-up and mature years ago and realize that being a DJ should be something you do for a while before getting serious about your life.

KRUD Listener Tip:   Do not stare or gawk at radio station remote broadcasts or appearances.  It bothers the jocks.. some of them carry guns.