You're a Listener and you don't get it... 

In the golden age of radio (1928-1988) most editing in radio production was done with a razor blade and edit tape, punch-ins and fader ducking. The digital era (1988-present) laid waste to these archaic tools with virtual decks, point and click mouse functions and software processor racks. The only people still using razor blades in this industry are record reps and musicians.

So when one of the younger members of our station came in my office wanting to know what razor blades have to do with production, you realize that time is slipping by ever so quickly and you will be dead soon.

By the way, the R.A.P. awards are presented by Radio and Production magazine ( The finalists are voted on by the subscribers of the magazine who receive both an audio CD of the entries and a ballot. Winners are selected by their peers from stations around the world, making the R.A.P. to be one of the most meaningful awards a production geek can have. Except if you lose, then the award blows chimps. In fact, it blows the entire primate house at the San Diego zoo.

KRUD Listener Tip:   Happy New Year!  May you win neat stuff, annoy few jocks and quit hanging around gawking at jocks at remote broadcasts.  Seriously, we don't hate the listeners... just the stupid ones...... there are a lot of stupid listeners out there.