Are you Program Director Material? That is the question. You know, being a PD isn't easy. Think about it... a PD has to deal with: The GM, The Sales Slugs, The Listener Complaints, Egotistical Air Talent, Wacked Out Record Guys, Clients, Promoters, and ... well, you know what we mean. PD's have to deal with a weird bunch.

Program Directors are the buffer between the General Manager and all the crap that he doesn't want to bother with. General Managers want to see sales reports, count money, go to lunch, and play golf. Program Directors make sure General Managers don't have to make any real decisions that might affect the ratings.

To be a successful PD you gotta know how to handle certain situations. On a semi-regular basis we'll give you a new scenario to deal with. It'll be a multiple choice question!

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