PD Quiz Number 5

The Morning Guy you hired a year ago (based on an incredible air-check) SUCKS.. no, he doesn't just SUCK..... he really S U C K S..... and he's got (not) the numbers to prove it. So what are you gonna do about it?

Do you:

A Tell him he's fired. Kick his ass out and and begin a nation-wide talent search for a real morning guy. (That nation-wide talent search always instills confidence in the air-staff)

B Try to be a nice guy and work with him and get him to perform on the level of the air-check that got him the gig....... or else!

C Have him over for dinner and suggest he might want to dust off the old resume because you're moving the afternoon guy to mornings.

D Give him a raise and a 3 year no-cut contract because in your heart you know Arbitron and the rest of the air-staff are wrong.

If you said D (as in duh) you have the potential to be a Program Director.