PD Quiz Number 4

It's 12:42am and your phone rings, shattering a very exciting bout of love making. The call is already off to a bad start and you haven't even said hello yet. It's your 7 to midnight guy and he's pissed because the midnight to six girl hasn't shown up yet. He tried calling her apartment, not home. Beeped her on her beeper, no response. Woke up the afternoon guy before calling you and was told to deal with it.

Do you:

A Tell him to play the hits til the morning show comes in.. cause it will be good exposure for him.

B Tell him to just hang on until you get there and take over.

C Tell him he's got the wrong number and hang up.

D Tell the midnight to six girl to get her clothes on and get her ass to the station.

If you said A C or D you have the potential to be a Program Director.