PD Quiz Number 3

Well, the book just came in and boy does your morning show suck! How's that for starting your day? Here's the problem. The present morning team has been at the station for six years. Six years of recycling the same tired old cow plop on the air. No wonder listeners are scarce. The last time they did anything really funny was in the john when they had that farting contest. You wanted to put that on the air but management said no. Anyway, it's time for a change. Upper management might say: "We've decided to go in a different direction." Meaning: "You guys suck and you're outta' here." But you, as the Program Director, must examine the bigger picture. We're talking your job security here too.

Do you:

A Fire the morning team and begin a nationwide talent search.

B Begin a nationwide talent search..THEN..fire the morning team.

C Give the PM Drive guy that morning shot he's always wanted. He's gotten a lot better, really! He's good on the phones, loves doing personal appearances, knows when to shut up, unlike the morning guys. He does voices, gets along with the sales slugs and his numbers have, for the last six years, been the highest rated daypart on the station. And.... the station won't have to pay moving expenses.

D Get new jingles.

If you said D you have the potential to be a Program Director.