PD Quiz Number 2

You're the new PD at a radio station that has been "having trouble" in the ratings. To tell the truth the station is dead last and sucks even more than your last station did. You have been hired to turn the station around and restore it to its' former glory of being 10th in the market instead of 23rd. The station's owner is committed to being a "winner", so you've got some resources at hand. You have several options:

Do you:

A Fire the entire air-staff and start over.

B Steal the competition's morning guy.

C Get the air-staff squared away. Make sure the formatics are being executed properly. Adjust the music, throw some major bucks at the market with a hot new promotion you've been dying to run, get some new jingles, and pretty much re-invent the station. Transform it into the station you've always wanted to program. Be aggressive with your programming and promotions. Dominate all major concerts with your station's presence. High profile is the word for the next year!

D Play it safe, hire a consultant, make only the changes he suggests and then blame the consultant when it doesn't work. Swear you didn't agree with his decisions from the beginning.

If you said D you have the potential to be a Program Director.