PD Quiz Number 1

It's Monday morning and the receptionist buzzes your office to tell you that there is a very irate mother of a listener in the lobby demanding to see you. It seems your overnight guy has been talking dirty on the request line to her 16 year old daughter. This is not good! She has secretly taped your jock's perverted conversation with her daughter. There's no gettin' outta' this one! This is a big time gotcha!

You have her come into your office, play the tape for you and then you apologize for the conduct of your overnight guy. There'll be hell to pay you tell her! To make sure that your overnight guy can't deny the phone call, you have her leave the cassette of the phone call. You further assure her that this could be grounds for dismissal. You thank her for coming in and then you must decide what you will do about this situation with your perverted overnight jock.

Do you:

A Fire your perverted overnight jock.

B Ask him why he's not as creative on the air as he was on the phone.

C Ask him for the 16 year old's phone number.

D Forget the whole thing and play the tape of the conversation at the next station party for entertainment.

If you said B C or D you have the potential to be a Program Director. OK, check in next week for your next Program Director Quiz.